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High Pressure Sales ($8000 Vacuum)

Pleas take a minute and read this article from AARP.

Don’t be caught off guard by door to door sales people.


High pressure sales tactics get results, but it is so 1960 & 70’s and does not create a good customer experience.

We may not sell the most machines but  our customers are comfortable with what they purchase and that is important to us. We value the relationship with our customers in hopes they can say “I’m going to see my friends of the store”.

You will never get high pressure sales tactics at SEW-MINI Things.

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Support Your Local Independent Dealer

What is a “Local Independent Sewing Machine Dealer”?

“Local Independent Sewing Machine Dealer” in many cases is a privately owned and operated business, with contractual agreements with the manufacturers of sewing machines and sergers she/he sells. The “Independent” means that they are not employed by the sewing machine manufactures or distributor. They are “Authorized Dealers” operating their own stores. This means, the money you spend stays in your area and does not go the “Head Office” to support other locations. Next time your in a store ask who owns it.

Get Advice From The Experts

There are hundreds of brands and models of sewing machines on the market today. Sewing Machines are available from a variety of outlets. Your Local Independent Sewing Machine Dealers are experts on sewing machines and sergers. That’s their business. Your local Independent Dealer can give you advice and information not available from any other outlet — the benefit of years of experience and product knowledge on a large variety of sewing machine brands and models. This knowledge and advice can make all the difference when your trying to find the sewing machine that’s right for your specific type of seeing. Your Local Independent Sewing Machine Dealer can show you how different sewing machine models will make your sewing more enjoyable.

Product Demonstrations

You can buy a sewing machine almost anywhere. All you have to do is go into a store, pick up a box and pay for it. This severely limits your buying information — to what you read on the outside of a box or what a stock clerk can tell you about the product (usually very little). Your Local Independent Sewing Machine Dealer will take the time to walk you through the specific features and benefits available on a variety of sewing machine models. They will show you how these models perform and let you make the direct comparisons between them. Because most Independent Sewing Machine Dealers carry a variety of Sewing Machines from different manufacturers and in all price ranges, you can find the one sewing machine that will best suit your needs.

Service After The Sale

The vast majority of Local Independent Sewing Machine Dealers provide their customers with an on-site service and repair department staffed with knowledgeable service technicians. In fact many dealers are authorized service centers for the most popular sewing machine brands.

Other Benefits

Your Local Independent Sewing Machine Dealer has expertise in many related areas. Independent Sewing Machine Dealers offer a wide range of products and services to help you get the most enjoyment from your sewing machine. They attend numerous trade shows, educational seminars, and training sessions where they learn of the latest machine technologies, techniques and services. By passing on the knowledge and expertise, you Local Independent Sewing Machine Dealer can help you will all your sewing needs.

By shopping with your Local Independent Sewing Machine Dealer you are participating in the health of your local economy. The vast majority of Independent Sewing Machine Dealers have a lifelong and personal investment in the local areas they serve, as it is also their homes and communities.
The United States was built by individuals and small private businesses. Support a strong America by supporting your local Independent Merchant.

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Before you buy your next machine…

Choosing the right sewing machineEveryone loves a new machine but with so many choices how do you choose? SEW-MINI Things has compiled a list of things to consider while making that perfect choice. Here are our top tips to know when shopping for your new sewing machine or serger.

Tips for buying a sewing machine or serger:

  1. Take sample fabric of your own choosing.
    Test the machines you’re interested in with your own fabric.
  2. Sew on the machine yourself.
    Sew on the machine yourself. If they won’t let you touch the machine, go elsewhere.
  3. Ask the salesperson what machine they own.
    If they own another brand, other than what they sell, what does that tell you?
  4. Ask about classes and “Clubs”.
    If they don’t have any, don’t expect much support.
  5. Ask who owns the store.
    Locally owned and operated stores support the local community. An “Independent Authorized Dealer” has roots in the community.
  6. Do not make your decision based on price only.
    Price is a factor in any decision but one should consider the quality and quantity of service to be included with the purchase.
  7. Know the facts about buying over the internet.
    As an educated consumer you should be aware that the manufacturer’s warranties only apply when you purchase your machine from an “Authorized Dealer”. Most reputable sewing machine manufacturers have restrictions pertaining to the sale of their products via the internet and do not provide warranty. The money you may save at the time of purchase could well be out weighed by what you may spend later on. Remember time is also money.

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