Club Card 2016

 SEW-MINI Things has a new improved discount/rewards “club”.2016clubcard

You’ve always wanted to crash a Boys club…. Here’s your chance…




The “It’s where the boys are” Club Card

$avings Benefits

  • 15% all the time on regular fabrics
  • 15% all the time on Notions
  • 15% all the time on Threads
  • 10% all sewing machines over $800
  • 10% all sergers over $800
  • Special “Club Card” members only sales and promotions
  • Special discounts on clearance items 4 times a year
  • 1% cash back on all purchases using the “Club” card [3]

How it works

  • Purchase your “It’s where the boys are” Club Card
  • The cost is $25 per calendar year [1]
  • Your card is registered to you and you may “fund” your card from your choice of funding options. [4]
  • Show your “Club” card when you shop to receive your discount regardless of payment method [2]
  • Use your “Club” card to pay for your purchases. [3]
  • See your 1% cash back as value added to your “Club” card.

1 Cards are valid for one year from 1/1 – 12/31. No pro-ration of card fee.

2 You must present your card when you begin the check-out process to receive your discount.

No discounts or rewards will be given after purchase.

3 1% cash back is only when you are using your “Club” card to pay for your purchase.

4 Flexible auto-reload. You must add value to your card online rather than at checkout, to guarantee your cash back reward. Use your card over and over again.

5 All current discounts(email, guild, etc) will not be honored after 12/31/2014.


  1. What happen to the guild discounts?All discounts and/or promotional rates will cease to be honored after 12/31/14.
  2. What about our double discounts?There will be no more Terrific Tuesday or Thunderous Thursdays. The new everyday larger discount will more than compensate for the double discount offerings.
  3. Why do I have to pay for the card?With any rewards program there are administration fees. The best way to offset them and provide a discount and cash back reward is to cover that costs. You will get back the fee in savings virtually immediately.
  4. Do I have to “fund” the card?No and yes.NO. You may still use any payment option you desire to pay for your purchase.YES. The only way to get your cash back reward is to use the “Club Card” to pay for your purchases.
  5. How do I “Fund” the “Club Card”?You may fund the card from a credit card of your choosing, linking it to your bank account or manually put money onto to. There is a limit to how much money you can put on the card.
  6. Can I use the card at other stores?No. The “Club Card” is only valid at SEW-MINI Things.
  7. How safe is the money I put on the card?Since the card is only good at SEW-MINI Things your funds are only accessible at SEW-MINI Things.
  8. What if I lose my card?If you lose your card, you contact Mercury Store Card Customer service or log into your account online and request a new card. Your new card will have a new number and any existing funds will be moved to the new card. You will need to notify us at SEW-MINI Things the next time you shop so we can update your record in our system. This will insure you continue to receive the discount and cash back rewards.
  9. Now that I’ve crashed the “club” what do I need to do next?Since you card is issued at the store we’ve already activated your card and linked it to you store record.You simply log into the online Mercury Store Card system and register yourself with your card number and decide how you want to “Fund” your card. Your funding option can be changed at any time.
  10. How long is the “Club Card” good for?“Club Cards” are only valid for the year shown on the face of the card. This means you will renew your “Club Card” every January and receive a new card.
  11. What if I join in November? Your “Club Card” will be valid through 12/31 of that year. January 1 of the following year you will need to renew your “Club Card”.
  12. What if I have “Funds” on my card at the end of the year?The “Funds” can be transferred to your new card. The funds will be available even if you do not renew. You will not be eligible for any discounts or cash back rewards though.