JUKI – Accessories

Expand your machine’s creative potential with Juki accessories.

Sewing jobs can be completed more quickly and with professional-looking results. Appliqué, hem, couch, embellish, quilt, and more. Juki has the correct foot for each creative technique.

Standard Presser Foot

For straight stitch and zigzag stitches.

Overcasting Foot

It prevents the edge of fabric from fraying.

Buttonholing Presser Foot

For automatic buttonholes.

Manual BH Presser Foot

Pattern Attachment

For decorative stitches, letters and manual buttonholes..

Button Attaching Presser Foot

For attaching buttons on garments.

Zipper Foot

For attaching zippers.

Invisible Zipper Foot

For installation of concealed zipper.

Blind Stitch Presser Foot

For blind hem stitching.

Smooth Foot

For hard-to-feed fabrics (vinyl cloth, leather).

Rolled Hemming Foot

For hemming stitch with rolled fabric(3mm).

Zig Zag Rolled Hemming Foot

For hemming zigzag stitch with rolled fabric

Even Feed Foot

It prevents sewing slippage of fabric such as velvet and quilting.

Binder Presser Foot

For attaching bias tape into for folds.

Patchwork Presser Foot

For patchwork stitches with 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch guide.

Presser Foot with Guide

Presser foot with 2mm distance guide.

Edge Sewing Presser Foot

For patchwork sewing (Sewing center line of joined materials by using the center guide).

Quilting Foot

For quilting or free-motion embroidery.

Quilting Presser Foot

(Open Type)

For free motion sewing. (Front part is open for better visibility).

Quilting Presser Foot

(Transparent Type)

For free motion sewing and zigzag free motion sewing.

Open Toe Presser Foot

For applique and decorative stitch. (Front part is open for better visibility).

Applique Presser Foot

For applique stitch (Front and back parts are short for easy movement at curve points).

Pearl Attaching Presser Foot

For attaching pearls, beads and thick cord.

Cording and Embroidery Presser Foot

For free motion quilting together with cord sewing.

Cording Presser Foot

For attaching three or less cords as decorative stitch.


To help in sewing equally spaced lines.

Auxiliary Spool pin Throat Plate for Straight Stitch
Wide Table Bobbin