Q’nique 14+ (Mid Arm)

Q'nique Quilter 14+The Qnique Quilter 14+ / quilting machine is a bold new breakthrough into the mid-arm category. Brought to you by the Grace Company, an industry leader in frames and accessories, the Qnique Quilter combines the features of a long-arm machine with the size and affordability of a mid-arm.

This new affordable mid-arm quilter is loaded with professional features normally reserved for more expensive quilting machines.

Compatible Quilting Frames

  • Majestic
  • Gracie King & Queen
  • SR-2 Quilting Frame
  • Pinnacle
  • GMQ Frame
  • Little Gracie II
  • Next Generation
  • iQuilt Frame
  • Bernina Frame

Q'nique Quilter 14+ - InteriorQnique Quilter 14+: The exciting new mid-arm for home or business

A mid-arm machine fills that “just right” spot between a domestic sewing machine and a long-arm quilter. Until now, however, the mid-arm buyer had to sacrifice many of the features that the long-arm offered. The Qnique Quilter 14+ provides everything one would expect from a mid-arm, plus many functions that until now had been the exclusive hallmarks of larger, much more expensive machines.

The Qnique Quilter 14+ has a 15-inch throat space to accommodate large patterns and blocks. Its durable metal body can be used with many frames, including Gracie and Bernina models. The 14+ is also compatible with Quilter’s Creative Touch Software and QuiltMotion, so the precision and control of computerized design and stitching are available to the quilter who enjoys them.

Qnique Large ScreenThis machine can operate at a stitching rate of 1800 stitches per minute; the stitch length is regulated to stay consistent when the user speeds up or slows down. All the main settings can be controlled from the handles by using six quick-access buttons. A clear, full-color LED display on the front of the machine keeps every setting easily visible.

The Qnique Quilter 14+ has the advantage of four different stitch modes. The precise mode allows control of the stitches per inch setting. The cruise mode adds the ability to set a minimum speed which the machine will maintain even if the operator releases the controls. Baste mode gives the option of short, medium and long basting stitches, and manual mode allows control of the stitching speed.

Qnique Thread TowerOther handy features of the 14+ include dual thread towers and an easy-access bobbin in a larger size. There is also a convenient button to raise or lower the needle; this button can be used to set a needle stop position.

The Qnique Quilter 14+ is packed with features in an accommodating size at an attractive price. This mid-arm quilting machine combined with the skill and creativity of a modern quilter is sure to result in beautiful and satisfying products for the home or business.



Qnique 14
SR2 8′ Frame


Technical Specs

Physical Dimensions


  • Length : 23 Inchesspecs-1l
  • Height : 18 Inches
  • Width : 15.5 Inches
  • Tower Height : 11.25 Inches
  • Weight : 42 Pounds

specs image 2

Extended Work Area

  • Length : 15 Inches
  • Height : 8.5 Inches





specs screen left

Included Quilting Features

    • Full-Color LCD Screen
      • Screen Width: 1.18 Inches
      • Screen Height: 1.18 Inches


  • Built-In Stitch Regulation
  • 6 Bright LED Needle Lights
  • 6 Quick-Access Handle Buttons
  • Easy-Change Bobbin Case
  • Built-In Bobbin Winder Motor
  • Dual-Cone Thread Holders
  • Commercial Grade Aluminum Body

Screen Menus and Settings

      • Start/Stop
      • Four Stitch Modes:

-Precise (Stitch regulated)

        -Cruise (Stitch regulated)
        -Baste (Stitch regulated)
        -Manual (Manual speed)
      Stitch-Per-Inch (SPI) / Baste Length / Sewing Speed

(Depending on sewing mode used)

  • Minimum SPI
  • Move Needle Up Or Down
  • Needle Up/Down Position When Stopped

Preference settings:

  • Set Default Stitch Mode
  • Turn “Over Speed Beep” On Or Off.
  • Use Standard Or Metric Measurements
  • Change Handle Controls Between Left And Right Handed.

specs screen right


  • Machine Diagnostics
  • System Info
  • Stitching Time

Sewing Specs

    • Maximum Sewing Speed: 1,800 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
    • Stitches Per Inch: 7-15 SPI
    • Maximum Stitches Per Inch: 7
    • Built-In Stitch Regulation: 3 Regulated Modes

Precise, cruise, and baste

  • Manual Speed Control
  • Over Speed Warning (Warns When Movement Is Too Fast For Current Stitch Regulation Settings)
  • Needle Threading System: Manual Dual Thread Tension

Other Specs

connectivity img

  • Needle-Type:
  • Bobbin-Type: M-Class Bobbin
  • Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC
  • Power Consumption: 300W Max.
  • LCD Power Save: LCD Shuts Off After 15 Minutes Of Non-Use
  • Screen Language: English
  • Optional Accessory Power Ports: 4

Included With Each Qnique Quilter

  • Front Handles
  • 1x LCD Screen
  • 1x Free Motion Quilting Foot
  • 10x Quilting Machine Needles
  • 1x Bobbin Case
  • 3x M-Class Bobbins
  • 1x Thread Mast
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x Sewing Machine Oil
  • 1x Lint Brush
  • 2x Encoders And Encoder Cables
  • Hardware Tools (Screwdriver And Allen Wrenches)

Available Accessories

  • Rear Handles
  • Laser Stylus
  • Ruler Base
  • Bobbins
  • Bobbin Case
  • Size 18 Quiting Machine Needles
  • Size 16 Quilting Machine Needles
  • Start-Right Cloth Leaders
  • Grace Plastic Pattern Perfect
  • Quilt Motion With Quilter’s Creative Touch Software