Sewing Machine Service


How often should I have my machine serviced?
That depends on how much you use your machine and how well you take care of it.
If you sew 2-3 hours every day you should probably have it looked at twice a year.
If you sew 5-8 hours a week, your should have it serviced once a year.
You sew every so often, but only small quick projects or mending, then at least every 2 years.

  • Can I clean my machine with canned air?
    No. Canned air forces the lint and other particles up into the machine.
    If you must use canned air, by all means go ahead. Sewing machine technicians need more work.
  • What do you recommend I use to clean my machine?
    A lint brush, or at least a soft nylon bristle brush. A vacuum with a micro attachment set, like for PC’s, is good to have.
  • Can I wait while you service my machine?
    Generally the answer is no. If you wish to have expedited service with an appointment that can be arranged.
    Be mindful there is an additional fee.


Do’s, Don’ts and What to Expect

For routine maintenance be sure to bring the following:
Foot Control
Power cord(if separate from your foot control)
Bobbin Case
Zig Zag Plate
Zig Zag Foot
Able to provide a description of difficulties you are having with your machine, if any.

Embroidery Machines:
Embroidery unit
Bring you embroidery foot and one hoop (4×4 is fine)
If so equipped, bring your embroidery bobbin case.

Bring all the parts you took off the machine, while trying to fix it yourself, in a zip lock bag.

If you are experiencing a specific problem, be sure to bring all items you are using…
needle, thread, fabric… so it can be recreated in the shop.


Leave a specialty needle in the machine(you will not get it back)
Leave a spool of thread on the machine(you probably will not get it back)


What to Expect

  • An estimate if requested.
  • A time frame for servicing your machine.
  • A longer interval, if parts are required.
  • Pay a deposit.
  • A clean and serviced machine in operating condition
  • A sew out sample (sewing and/or embroidery, serged)
  • A report of any items not servicable and why.
  • Service Fees range from $69.95 to $189.95

Wall of Service Shame

The things we do to our machines…..
I hope one of these is not your machine.

My fabric isn't moving.....

My fabric isn’t moving…..

Ok, So I used cheap thread and it shredded inside..How I was to know.

Ok, So I used cheap thread and it shredded inside..How I was to know.

I'm supposed to have my machine serviced?

I’m supposed to have my machine serviced?